Order Wholesale Glass Extraction Tubes

TO PLACE AN ORDER for Wholesale Glass Extraction Tubes please e-mail admin@theglassunderground.com and I will send you our price list. There is a $500 minimum purchase order for wholesale prices. Get even better discounts with a $2000 purchase order! 

We specialize in laboratory grade glass extraction tubes. Here is our price list. These tubes are hand made in Eugene, Oregon, the Glass Blowing Capitol of the World! We know just what you need!

We sell 32mm diameter and 44mm diameter extraction tubes. The wall thickness is 4mm. The 32mm diameter tube comes in 10, 12, and 16, inch sizes. The 44mm diameter tube comes in 10 and 16 inch sizes. You can customize your length of tubes for a special order. 

The small hole is exactly the right size for extraction. The conical nose gives them extra strength.The glass is 4mm thick. No “adapters” necessary. Perfect for making large batches of essential oils. The other end is flared to hold your filters. 

We only use Duran Schott tubing. We use the best tubing, because it is the highest quality laboratory glass available. Here is more information about the properties of Duran Schott Glass: DURAN 

E-mail admin@theglassunderground.com  for a price list and details.