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Lets have some fun! 10% off January 2016 internet orders – Text Me!


Lets see if anyone is reading our blog! You get 10% off January 2016 internet orders of glass extraction tubes or kits if you text me that you saw this post before you order!

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Buy Wholesale Glass Extractor Tubes at TheGlassUnderground.com

6 inch extractor 6-14 Extractor Tube - sticker and paper tube - 10 in 10 stack 7-14 Extractor Tube - Small tube clamp - logo 21k extraction tube 2 6-14 Extractor Tube - sticker and paper tube - 16 inbrochure white bg

We specialize in laboratory grade glass extractor tubes. Here is our price list. These tubes are hand made in Eugene, Oregon, the Glass Blowing Capitol of the World! We know just what you need! The small hole is exactly the right size for extraction. The conical nose gives them extra strength.The glass is 4mm thick.

No “adapters” necessary. Perfect for making large batches of essential oils. The other end is flared to hold your filters. Stickers may vary.

We have a $350 minimum purchase order for these prices.

We only use Duran Schott tubing. We use the best tubing, because it is the highest quality laboratory glass available.


These tubes are made on 32mm (About 1 1/4 inches) diameter stock:

6 inch tube         $11.25

9 inch tube         $15

12 inch tube       $23

16 inch tube       $25

21 inch tube        $30

These tubes are made on 44mm (About 1 3/4 inches) diameter stock:

10 inch tube       $23

16 inch tube       $27

21 inch tube       $36

Two 4 x 4 inch 50 micron stainless steel screens and one tool free clamp (The same size clamp fits on either tube diameter).
$4 per set.

Check us out on Twitter

Check us out on twitter! 



If you are one of those people who needs a list, but you are a stoner, so you forget all the time, this is a good one! I like how it has 420 as the default meeting time! So, let’s get high! Anything you should remember not to forget? The weed!