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Glass extraction tubes – Why Duran Schott Glass?

Chinese vs. American or German glass is not referring to where the glassblower makes your piece. It is referring to what the piece is made from.

I use Duran Schott clear tubing and rod and American made colors, like Troutman, Northstar, and Paramore.
Many American glassblowers make pieces out of Chinese glass, because it is quite a bit cheaper than Duran Schott.  Duran Schott makes a far superior product than Chinese Glass and creates a better product. It takes a skilled glassblower to make a great piece of functional glass. Clint has 18 years of experience blowing glass. He anneals the glass properly. He takes great care to make our customers the finest products. Eugene Oregon is the glassblowing mecca of the world.

Simax and Pyrex are one step below Schott in quality (in my opinion). Any of these are better than Chinese. Duran Schott Glass melts silky smooth. It doesn’t bubble or crack easily. It is more durable.

All of our glass is made from high quality Borosilicate glass.  was first developed by German glassmaker Otto Schott in the late 19th century.

  • Highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and heat. Schott is ideal laboratory glassware for chemical processes and other processes where large amounts of heat are generated.
  • Highly resistant to corrosion caused by water, acids, saline solutions, alkaline solutions and organic substances, for durable products in corrosive environments.

Duran Schott Glass

Extraction Tubes

On sale now for $40! Extraction Tube Kit – 20 Inch – Duran Schott Glass

On sale now for $40!  Extraction Tube Kit – 20 Inch – Duran Schott Glass– with 50 micron Stainless Steel Screens and Tool Free Clamp. We don’t sell Chinese glass. The 20 inch extraction tube is 32 mm (about 1 ¼ inches) in diameter with a 4 mm wall thickness.


Glass Extraction Tube
Glass Extraction Tube
extraction tubes
Wholesale glass extraction tubes
Extraction Tube
Glass Extraction Tube

Wholesale glass extraction tubes

Wholesale glass extraction tubes


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To PLACE A WHOLESALE ORDER CALL or TEXT 541-321-0455 or E-mail admin@theglassunderground.com 

TO PLACE AN ORDER for Wholesale Glass Extraction Tubes please e-mail admin@theglassunderground.com and I will send you our price list. There is a $500 minimum purchase order for wholesale prices. Get even better discounts with a $2000 purchase order! 

Call or Text 541-321-0455 or E-mail admin@theglassunderground.com  for a price list and details.
extraction tubes

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