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Three extraction tubes for $74!!!

3 Glass Extraction Tubes – value pack – 10, 12, and 16 inch

The Glass Underground has a Sale Page! 16 inch extraction tubes $32

Our Large 16 inch glass extraction tubes are on sale now! 


On sale now – 44mm diameter 16 inch Duran Schott glass extraction tubes. $32 Highest quality laboratory glass.

Wholesale Glass Extraction Tubes
Wholesale Glass Oil Extraction Tubes
glass extraction tubes

Oil extraction tubes – 3 pack on sale now!

On sale now! 3 pack of glass oil extraction tubes!

In this pack there is one 16 inch and one 10 inch 44 millimeter tubes and one 8 inch 32 millimeter oil extraction tube.  These Extra Large, Thick, Heavy Duty Concentrate Extraction Tubes, are made of German Duran Schott glass. They are shipped in a tube that will protect your glass when you are not using it. The 16 inch and 10 inch extraction tube is 44 mm (about 1 3/4 inches) in diameter with a 4 mm wall thickness. The 8 inch extraction tube is 32 mm (about 1 1/4 inches diameter with a 4 mm wall thickness. 

3 Glass Extraction Tubes – value pack – 10, 12, and 16 inch

Why our Glass Extractor Tubes are the Best!

We only use high quality Duran, Schott Glass on our glass extractor tubes. The tip is cone shaped for more strength. The small hole fits your butane can perfectly. The flared end will hold your clamps on your extractor tubes. We will honor our products. You can also get all of our extraction tubes in a kit with a tool free clamp and two high grade stainless steel fine mesh screens!