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The Glass Underground has a Sale Page! 16 inch extraction tubes $32

Our Large 16 inch glass extraction tubes are on sale now! 


On sale now – 44mm diameter 16 inch Duran Schott glass extraction tubes. $32 Highest quality laboratory glass.

Wholesale Glass Extraction Tubes
Wholesale Glass Oil Extraction Tubes

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TheGlassUnderground.com has the best deals on Extractor Tube Kits!


Get your glass extractor tube today and change those “flowers” into concentrates! Our Blast Tubes are hand blown, made in Oregon, we always ship for free, and there is no sales tax when we ship from Oregon. Our extractors start at $19!

Stoned Again!

Stoned Again

We specialize in glass oil extraction blast tubes and glass extractor tube accessories! All of our glass is made in Eugene, Oregon! Look no further for the lowest priced quality extractor tubes on the internet!
We ship from Eugene, Oregon! Tax free with free shipping!
Clint Sharp, our master glassblower, has been blowing glass for over 16 years.
Use the coupon code “wholesale” for 25% off all orders over $500!
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