Perfume Bottles - E/O Dabbers

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Glass jars, bottles, and essential oil dabbers for botanical perfume oil extracts.
heady glass pendant

Dab on your favorite oils. Our oil dabbers and dabber pendants are for use with your favorite botanical oils, because we love our customers.

Use our durable glass jars to carry your favorite herbs, seasoning, potion… Use your imagination! Maybe even sand from your favorite beaches, a secret message, or some glitter, because you’re awesome!

Our perfume bottles have an exquisite shape and style. They hold your scented essential oils and tinctures. These are a beautiful handmade addition to your household.

Our essential oil diffuser pendants are uniquely designed and are fun to wear. They have 3 little holes in the top, because they let the scent escape. Fill with lavender, flower petals, or cotton and a few drops of essential oil. Sniff, relax, repeat!

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