8 inch (32mm diameter) Glass Essential Oil Extraction Tube

6 inch extractor 32 in extractor end butane 7-14 Extractor Tube - Small tube clamp - logo 6-14 Extractor Tube - sticker and paper tube - Made in Eugene Or

8in (32mm diameter) Extractor, Kit, or Multi Pack

This 8 inch extraction tube is 32 mm (about 1 1/4 inches) in diameter with a 4 mm wall thickness.
The 8″ holds about 10 grams of unpacked or 14 grams of packed flower.
Stickers may vary.
We also sell 10″ and 12″ tubes in the same diameter and 10″, 16″ and 21″ tubes in the 44 mm (about 1 3/4 inch) diameter. Check our listings!
We know what you need! The small hole is exactly the right size for extraction. The conical nose gives these tubes extra strength. No “adapters” necessary. The big 21” tubes we sell are perfect for making large batches of concentrates and oils. The other end is flared slightly to hold your filters.
This device is intended for extracting essential oils and concentrates from herbs, spices, and flowers. Glass is the best material to use for oil extraction. The purchasers of my products assume all responsibility, liability and risk.